Top Tips for Recruiting the Best People

Recruiting the Best People

You know your business better than anyone – its strengths, its weaknesses and most importantly the people you have working in your business. But what happens when your team is incomplete? If there is a gap in your workforce how do you ensure that you find the right person to fill that gap? Do you take time away from running your business to plough through applications, interview candidates and advertise the vacancy or do you hire a professional recruiter to handle all of that for you? Do you depend on your own connections to find the right candidate for your company or an independent Recruiter with the tools, experience and network to find attract the best person for the job?

A Recruiter understands the job market and can advise you on how best to present your vacant role to the type of candidate you want to fill that role. You could be advertising for a fantastic position with a highly competitive salary and excellent benefits, but if you don’t know how to sell that position to your ideal candidate then you may struggle to get your proposition to stand out amongst the crowd.

A good Recruiter will understand the job market, what else is available, the type of job your ideal candidate is looking for and how to get their attention. Recruiters are not only experts at understanding people’s motivation to move from their current job but also on handling the expectations of potential candidates throughout the entire recruitment process. 

The real cost of an open position can be enormous. Not only are you losing staff hours while other members of staff fill in the gaps in your structure, if you are using members of your senior management team to handle your recruitment then it is likely you are paying an hourly rate for your recruitment far and above the cost of hiring a specialist to find the best candidates for the role you are trying to fill.

When you factor in the loss of earnings for that senior manager while they are spending their working hours looking for new staff instead of doing the job they are qualified for and paid to do, then hiring a professional to handle your recruitment is often the most cost effective option by some distance.

The success of any business depends on finding good employees, so why try to find them without the benefit of a recruitment professional who is focused on your company’s needs?

We have partnered with Lacuna Recruitment, Wirral based recruiting experts who understand a candidate’s motivation to move jobs with the experience to attract and retain the best available talent. 

So if you’re looking for the best staff or indeed want to be matched with a new role, speak to Steve or Lucia at Lacuna Recruitment on 0151 348 7017 or visit their website here.

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