Virtual Receptionist

Telephone Management

With our call answering service, we answer your phone, in your way.  With a virtual telephone service, your phone line is never engaged.

With a potential customer on the other end of the phone we understand that we’re representing your company so we ensure that all of our receptionists are highly trained, professional with a friendly approach.

We support you and your business by becoming your receptionists, answering all your calls, or just the ones you can’t (or don’t want) to take.  This ensures that you don’t miss out on any business, just those pesky sales calls.

It’s really easy & fast to set up & doesn’t need any software or tech; we’ll sort it out for you.

Your Receptionist Team

Our team can perform a range of time saving tasks for you.  They can book appointments directly into your system, diary or calendar remotely, answer frequently asked questions, take orders or payments from your customers and any administration tasks.

There are a range of services to suit your needs; we can supply a land line with a local or any UK number.  We can forward calls directly to your mobile, or perhaps you’d prefer us to answer them to avoid interruptions to your work, freeing up your time so you can concentrate on your work.  We can transcribe calls and send them to you via email, text, WhatsApp or pretty much any messaging system.

Having a virtual telephone receptionist is cheaper than employing someone & won’t be affected by holidays, sickness or peaks & troughs in work or calls.  No equipment to maintain, saving you space & time.

Who uses this?

Our telephone management services are used by mobile workers, home workers and also some established businesses who prefer the convenience & cost-effectiveness of out-sourcing their reception needs, especially where they have peaks & troughs of activity.

How good are we?

Don’t take our word for it, find out how great our telephone management is for yourself by giving us a call now 0151 342 6365  We can even arrange a free trial for a month.

Virtual AI receptionists

We offer a natural voice AI solutions to support your customers journey by providing a friendly, human-sounding, Virtual Agent that takes care of most first line inquiries, decreasing customer frustration and long wait times.

Click here to make an enquiry or click here to hear a typical example of an AI virtual receptionist.

35 Calls

£50 per month

65 Calls

£90 per month

125 Calls

£150 per month

245 Calls

£200 per month

35 Calls

24/7 Answering

£250 per month

Unlimited Calls

£400 per month