The Hub at the Centre of Business

We’ve all been there; working really hard and wishing for that extra pair of hands to help out.  Never more true than the growing phases of a business, when there are only a few, or even just one, person running the show.

At this stage, hiring another person can seem daunting if one person has been doing everything – will there be enough work for them to do full time, will a part time person work, how can they be trained while you’re working, what happens when they go on holiday, etc?

Virtual Reception

For nearly 40 years Whitfield have been solving this problem with virtual reception services, although these days some helpful technology does much of the graft. The team becomes an extension of your staff, providing extra hours as & when needed, taking away the commitment of employing someone.   Better service for your customers, significantly reduced overheads & headaches.

They answer your calls in your company name so your customers know no different from their end.  The team book in jobs, give basic information & generally help your customers, whilst also fielding annoying sales calls.  Multiple receptionists ensures no calls are missed; super important for a growing company.

Thanks to a cutting edge internet based phone system, it’s easy to set up, enabling reception to answer & forward wanted calls to you or your team when required.  Calls  can be recorded if required.  You can use your existing company number or set up a local, geographical or premium number, to suit your needs.

Registered Address

Whitfield also serves as a registered business address for many companies.  This allows home based businesses to portray a large & prestigious image to their clients, whilst filtering any unwanted visitors or mail.  The mail is either scanned & emailed, forwarded or held for collection. Overseas companies also use this service to have a UK presence.

Business Support

Telephone, reception & mail management are straightforward but often time-consuming elements of a business, but the Hub has a range of deeper offerings.

Technology is important bringing the benefits of speed, efficiency & accuracy.  Whitfield have a wide variety of customisable systems to run, automate & deliver information, including AI driven chatbots and enterprise level connectivity.  They support hardware; computers, networks & telecoms.

A digital marketing department is available to develop websites, e-commerce, branding, online marketing strategies, social media campaigns, graphic design, etc.

There is even an investment program, Wirral Wolves, running within the hub helping start-up & scale-up businesses with funding, mentorship & practical help.

Pop-Up Shops

After a Covid break, the pop-up shops are back, welcoming local independent businesses to display their wares, free of charge, to increase their brand awareness and reach.

So for many business the Hub sits at the centre of operations, looking after & supporting a company’s eco structure, allowing the owner & their teams to get on with doing what they do best.

If you would like to have a pop-up in the hub, or learn more about how we can support your business, please get in contact

Reproduced with kind permission of Wirral Life Magazine

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