Outsourced Telephone Reception

The team at Whitfield Business Hub in Heswall, Wirral offer a professional, outsourced telephone answering service for businesses that want to ensure that all their calls are answered in their own style. Here’s how the Hub answer calls for businesses with an individual, customised twist:

  1. Personalised Greetings: The receptionist team provide a personalised greeting to callers that is tailored to the business’s specific needs and requirements. This greeting can include the business’s name, a welcoming message, and any other information that the business wants to convey.
  2. Customised Scripts: The virtual receptionists can also create customised scripts for each business that outline how calls should be answered and what information should be provided to callers. These scripts can be designed to reflect the business’s brand, tone of voice, and style.  This can also include modest administration roles such as booking jobs, taking payments or any other tasks.
  3. Call Routing: Telephonists can route calls to the appropriate department or person within the business, ensuring that callers are directed to the right person who can help them with their query.
  4. Message Taking: If a business is unavailable to take a call, the team can take a message and relay it to the appropriate person or department within the business. The message can be delivered in the manner and style preferred by the business.
  5. Call Reporting: Virtual assistants can provide regular call reports to businesses, detailing how many calls were received, how many were answered, and any other relevant management information that the business may require.

The Whitfield Business Hub team provide virtual assistant receptionists who answer calls for businesses in their style by providing a personalised and customised service that reflects the business’s brand, tone of voice, and style. The hub’s experienced staff can work closely with businesses to ensure that their telephone answering service meets their specific needs and requirements.

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