We've written some right rubbish. Have a read in the latest @heswallmagazine 🐑🐑🐑💩 https://t.co/8GS6Qu7BFr

Clare's inspirational trip to #Wirral school https://t.co/2TAFifpPLc https://t.co/uvolioEyqy

Heswall pub set to reopen after £190,000 investment

Moving home #businesses into commercial properties could unlock £3.3bn profit https://t.co/hwQByop78A https://t.co/7YhhiWnZ3K

Bit dark this morning at the Hub. Good to see some blue sky finally breaking through. https://t.co/tP7zcOzjaZ

Ten of the most exciting young entrepreneurs to watch https://t.co/xAtAzX8Q4m https://t.co/nBeAjJzM7Q

Hurricane Ophelia causes multiple flight cancellations https://t.co/I2MgMRR1sm https://t.co/V1X54R0n3e

Chancellor signals end to staircase tax, handing lifeline to thousands of firms https://t.co/qRMTgjYZzu https://t.co/r7IMmf0U5Q

Launching a new #business in my sixties was the best decision I’ve made https://t.co/W87hlDPuTq https://t.co/7aK8nFrT0T

Noubalm at Pop - Up In Palm House Christmas Event

#Wirral Council told: 'Cut the David Brent-style waffle - just empty our bins' https://t.co/xBjSJ2LhQV https://t.co/WJyHzkAPD7

Looking forward to the genius behind one of our favourite restaurants @Mowglistfood on @SundayBrunchC4 https://t.co/1ND7A7e3kV

Countdown to #Wirral firework night https://t.co/aYyuzmluRR https://t.co/fGMMdlywNS

Sanderson Vet

Whatever you're doing, hope you have a good one! https://t.co/HiU9tcmut8

How to Conquer Your Fear of Starting a #Business https://t.co/p20UTGzRps https://t.co/ugttwzuqcT

#Wirral 'Running Man' succeeds personal best during 31 marathons in 31 days challenge https://t.co/dFTmMAqd3q https://t.co/ASCoYDLa46

This is why #Wirral is the third happiest place to live in the entire country https://t.co/aMEPV6Wycr https://t.co/5tseegy7sC

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This is why #Wirral is the third happiest place to live in the entire country

Really looking forward to this:

You're very welcome. We're all really looking forward to it! https://t.co/1YojVWUqXJ

Wirral’s Christmas fair returns to support North West Cancer Research @WirralBazaar https://t.co/wAt8PeJFHX https://t.co/e6J1Vz7BKN

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Rent this meeting room in #Heswall from just £10 https://t.co/a5LgcWpB9v 0151 342 6365 https://t.co/zxlDdHbNmS

Facebook and Twitter could face 'online abuse levy' https://t.co/nKBPNDF5nR https://t.co/IBXeXly0ry

Thanks for doing such a lovely groom on Kodi :) x

Sanderson Vet

#Wirral among top ten happiest places to live in Britain https://t.co/OSN2YrPWDk https://t.co/Vf3uqwVxGQ

Spectacular firework display planned for Mersey Gateway bridge opening this weekend https://t.co/xU4v32G9LA https://t.co/7cssslrM2Y

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Lovely article in @wirralchamber about the team: https://t.co/5PPLRiIw9p https://t.co/e1ZBrGyhWs

Trash Isles Citizens Respond To The United Nations https://t.co/Ldfp1fArgE https://t.co/OYnYtdhowa

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Why bosses should empower staff with flexibility https://t.co/leba6wRuc3 https://t.co/Oni9t1cUhh

Arrowe Park Hospital to host cancer support and well-being day https://t.co/DtuhG1ARA0 https://t.co/dTbaGuSr89

#Wirral says NO to three-weekly bin collections https://t.co/9bZ17lrrzM https://t.co/km2b60aUDB

UK attracting record number of tourists https://t.co/mzNJ3NB33U https://t.co/q3AvBkvvFb

Why some brands are still refusing to advertise on YouTube https://t.co/iB8dP2zzNb https://t.co/0U05UCHzh0

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Late payments: Just two per cent of firms think small business commissioner will help | https://t.co/AQuBy0g0uh https://t.co/q339amR8I5

Wirral Bazaar aims to boost North West Cancer Research with your support https://t.co/5sgqkhSAch https://t.co/1A6sEwshxP

Why bosses should empower staff with flexibility http://myhub.biz/2xwGIqQ


Today we would like to show our support for World Mental Health Day, you can find out more on how to donate to this cause and how to deal with Mental Health in the workplace - https://www.mentalhealth.org.uk/campaigns/world-mental-health-day

Ritson versus Sharp: Who won the clash of the #marketing titans? https://t.co/adilrqoRMN #FoM17 https://t.co/tSxtRXR6KE

How One #Entrepreneur Built a Successful Business by Identifying a Need in His Community https://t.co/lNSZuiKcH2 https://t.co/QK95RQE88k


Birkenhead actor features alongside Ben Affleck in new superhero blockbuster https://t.co/vZwWHUV7Ly https://t.co/WfmJpGB4Pd

#Wirral Hedgehog rescue centre needs you https://t.co/7qJRgOZPTw https://t.co/fNr2l4nGII

#Wirral chef Simon Rimmer keeps his place on Strictly with Buzz Lightyear performance https://t.co/dVAfXUxxl7 https://t.co/WGq9cEUaTr

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#Wirral teenager to represent Great Britain at World Age Group Championships in double-mini trampolining… https://t.co/mAvFJFYRSN

Wirral Bazaar

Whitfield Business Support

UK high streets begin critical trading period with best September in five years https://t.co/ZniZfgTmAh https://t.co/iQkwfyl9of

The ten best #startup ideas for under £10,000 you can launch today https://t.co/TE3w85AdrW https://t.co/xRoGW7wqQT

Britain's small business economy predicted to be worth £241bn by 2025 https://t.co/dusA0m28Yc https://t.co/fAiwq3qpWa

Thanks to A & A marketing for sharing their smile with us today 😁 #worldsmileday

Britain's small #business economy predicted to be worth £241bn by 2025 https://t.co/XDZI8lgeTX https://t.co/QlVXYxhice

Government cuts red tape to turn more small businesses into aid suppliers https://t.co/xKs6Gq8Itz https://t.co/vDTlBb0Dda

Today is World Smile Day! Have you shared your smile with someone? It is true that smiles are contagious so we have decided to share all of our teams smiles with you today!! It takes less muscles to smile than to frown, turn that frown upside down and join us celebrating this wonderful day! Send us your smiles.... lets get all businesses smiling together! Wishing you a fabulous day!

World Smile Day! Put a smile on someones face today and share your smiles with us... The worlds such a better place… https://t.co/Jm9M3eTSqF

World Smile Day! Put a smile on someones face today and share your smiles with us... The worlds such a better place when people smile :-)

Closing headlining season at @FestofMarketing https://t.co/3mOnHqPijL

We're at the Festival of Marketing today picking up lots of hints & tips on how we can help of clients

Day 2 in London for the @FestofMarketing #FoM17 https://t.co/cXA6XhHlI1

Beautiful #Graphic #Design for logos, signs, adverts, branding, stationery, etc https://t.co/u2G2eaBQed https://t.co/Fo0lhmfB5J

Use the change of seasons to drive business into your salon with an Autumn marketing campaign all about colour… https://t.co/Ftnr83hPjv

Rent this meeting room in #Heswall from just £10 https://t.co/hgAlD59Qjd 0151 342 6365 https://t.co/gA6SJJXIbp

Papa John’s pizza prepares to open on Heswall’s Telegraph Road https://t.co/3uELH5GkZ8 https://t.co/BTsILtAAdr

How to make the transition from technical expert to #marketing manager https://t.co/9qku1BfkIG https://t.co/dXuZv384yS

Beautiful #Graphic #Design from the creative team @ Whitfield Business https://t.co/oPzx62ICtS https://t.co/oRFJoKW440

A fraction of small #business owners are tapping into the £27bn mobile shopping boom https://t.co/2uhZ5PinCG https://t.co/UuldBkmnKZ

Brand & Creative time #FoM17 https://t.co/833153XdSj

Listening to the wonderful @stephenfry at the Festival of #marketing #fom2017 https://t.co/mOroPuQirL

Small business commissioner finally appointed after two-year wait https://t.co/fCPxxYpSQd https://t.co/J8diUU7qEY

Self-employed urged to register for self-assessment in time https://t.co/MZhv4oyocN https://t.co/x3hDRGVIQh

We're en route & really looking forward to the Festival of #Marketing today @FestofMarketing https://t.co/1bHL81vlyz https://t.co/Lc8yWaYg0B

GREAT boost for Liverpool’s Capital of Culture 10th anniversary celebrations https://t.co/nDagIrSME5 https://t.co/on8JD7Gf9j

Wirral’s Christmas fair returns to support North West Cancer Research @WirralBazaar https://t.co/7ZFTI4Q2zQ https://t.co/HICq8IVAYa

Rent this meeting room in #Heswall from just £10 Parking, food & drink, reception available.… https://t.co/FLaE6ddnef

Have you got the best grandma and granddad in #Wirral? https://t.co/laABJHE0v0 https://t.co/NPYimuBD1P

Charity helping #Wirral's elderly and vulnerable needs you! https://t.co/SGQyV8jNHM https://t.co/blE2q9a2E5

Glad you like them 💙💚 https://t.co/LQ6cR6N94A

Passengers urged to plan ahead of strike action on Merseyrail and Northern services https://t.co/k4jknASpFx https://t.co/8XGZNPkcCS

#Wirral chef Simon Rimmer performs emotional tribute to the Hillsborough 96 https://t.co/ApIxO7QZ6t https://t.co/CkzQiNCF16

Lucy receives fantastic results after third treatment session for inoperable brain tumour in Mexico… https://t.co/VG9twfC9pq

Consumers spend over £12 each day on luxury items like brunch or magazines https://t.co/pgCfmN2Kjz https://t.co/b2OXdhAvdY

#Heswall NatWest goes west and adds to empty units - https://t.co/zwHotzbixa https://t.co/NBiULyy3Fh

Rent this meeting room in #Heswall from just £10 https://t.co/FOxOuTzkW7 0151 342 6365 https://t.co/5kYRlXGyhK

#Market research on a shoestring: How to get big insights from small budgets - https://t.co/mnH21t50du https://t.co/hp56rpxypl

The Wirral bucket list - 74 things to do before you die https://t.co/aUTa46C8At https://t.co/CGrdmMYzOA

Cammell Laird bids to build new warships and create 500 new jobs https://t.co/Dn3cd3FoTM https://t.co/h6yGzbwLTW

Prince William to be patron of Liverpool's 2018 International #Business Festival https://t.co/qhWkbPa8gz https://t.co/hbQzsUYqNG

#Rent this #boardroom in #Heswall by the hour, morning, day or week. https://t.co/SivSYDRVLp 0151 342 6365 https://t.co/sx9wVNecGd

British employees spend over 100 hours a year on tea breaks https://t.co/LLRQYSeYF9 https://t.co/YRfZi2z8Rq

Five bosses who came under fire for being out of touch https://t.co/YwTI78r6uZ https://t.co/FrvWR0F3cT

What has Corbyn’s new-look Labour Party offered small business? https://t.co/pp7CD0DQ0w https://t.co/Bulfb9uuEp

How to preserve your #startup culture whilst scaling internationally https://t.co/zIqivarYh1 https://t.co/lzQPP6BA9U

#Heswall’s Doug the Bee and how he got the bee bug https://t.co/AHks8VEuMm https://t.co/pzfUAtvTiM

Do you have the best grandparents in #Wirral? https://t.co/S5sLILED47 https://t.co/G89nyTO8Kj

#Wirral 'Running Man' John Hammond prepares for 31 marathons during October https://t.co/RSH1JJkPfW https://t.co/HP8QNLbhwZ

We can manage your #social #media presence, posts & replies and provide analytics to drive sales from just £99 pm… https://t.co/6UhPRsBZgE

400,000 more passengers to be hit by Ryanair cancellations https://t.co/y9jkFjgDLz https://t.co/fTROoC41Hm

Facebook enters the top 10 global #brands for the first time - https://t.co/xLFtBq8Fof https://t.co/w2gsCF5rMx

Ryanair's key brand metrics nosedive following cancellation crisis https://t.co/EuoD3g18EV https://t.co/KlBxC3E1Qd

The end of the school Summer holidays marks a real turning point in the business year, too.  Your team are all back at their desks and there’s some serious work to do before Christmas. So why not make a big long list of the stuff you’d like to get done…. and then give it to us to do!

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Unsettled UK employees more open to job offers than any European workforce https://t.co/0slfRp329n https://t.co/CkKVAvVUxf

#Business owners continue to hold off investment and increase cash reserves https://t.co/hQCtFBz2Cn https://t.co/kXyO8cEZPY

Five keys that will unlock the cash in your #business https://t.co/62ARFOCAhN https://t.co/ej1WEfdyzW

South London Club founder reveals his plans for an independent revolution https://t.co/5gGRj7YM4u https://t.co/EEnief5cHx

Small businesses urged to prepare for imminent tax evasion legislation https://t.co/EN1nUQjFhB https://t.co/wgpD7ASYjM

#Wirral could welcome new children's museum by 2021 https://t.co/Ip2dm9OE6h https://t.co/hWkIAp5Abm

Students of Design founders urge #startups to get as much exposure as possible | https://t.co/8X7dRfQjjT https://t.co/I9J5fDHUeh

The ten best films for #entrepreneurs every aspiring business owner should watch | https://t.co/Lh8IB7nkew https://t.co/AmfqviVMRL

Thornton Hall Hotel seeks to quash Thornton Manor marquee planning permission - https://t.co/r2MtXFh0In https://t.co/TbptUI6Qcz

#Wirral dance school celebrates huge success at street dance competition https://t.co/PGID23zrA8 https://t.co/tcB2RTWbhP

Use the change of seasons to drive business into your salon with an Autumn marketing campaign all about colour… https://t.co/EJjQDMa7kQ

Busy month of events at #Wirral Libraries this October https://t.co/n5XCl9gOaT https://t.co/xCNIEMEzl9

We're supporting Jeans for Genes Day here at Whitfield! Donate today! https://t.co/B31SurKM7B https://t.co/DOgvs7y38E

Ten people arrested following dawn raids across #Wirral https://t.co/WAbZrhmZn9 https://t.co/woD9jkDGDR

Today is National Doodle Day! - Send in your best doodle for your chance to win a Whitfield Creative Pack! grow@whi… https://t.co/KEGbRRJNVv

River of Light firework display will return to waterfront this year https://t.co/6GYTtoaPGq https://t.co/Qw7VszBKaa

Kingsmead School to celebrate topping GCSE results table at Open Day https://t.co/So4dLYa4px https://t.co/TwkjTZqkvq

Government borrowing at lowest August level for 10 years https://t.co/9L3ZE7HzOl https://t.co/cOKBmVSWKQ

More #entrepreneurs looking for an exit https://t.co/2mV2orb29g https://t.co/WaVDvnEoCZ

5 Things No One Tells You About Working at a #Startup https://t.co/sNeOdDUEfs https://t.co/30dFy8id8V

Tech and creative fundamental to London https://t.co/6SjcYG6b43 https://t.co/VxgDu2CW6Z

Nine out of ten #businesses aren’t yet prepared for GDPR laws https://t.co/ngpQm4lTtJ https://t.co/CqkiCpDB2K

Temporary closures in place for overnight roadworks in Arrowe Park https://t.co/D40TLnFIMC https://t.co/6bojpBM1qJ

How landlords can help lower the impact of the staircase tax https://t.co/tZG4t104be https://t.co/VLG4aiyfXz

Gayton Primary raises almost £11,000 for little Lucy - https://t.co/0aMXtfelVy https://t.co/wwGK62bQGd

One of our tenants wanted to take on another room but needed a doorway making. Not a problem @WhitfieldBizHub! https://t.co/nUwBfztWGw

Special Beatles tribute to open year of Liverpool culture celebrations https://t.co/XxkXQ8nILN https://t.co/ljfmg7nDAJ

#Wirral wrestler stepping into ring for Superslam Championship at Floral Pavilion https://t.co/HxjTDYNpKa https://t.co/Fyr5A6wMQm

#Wirral woman joins the catwalk three months after finishing life-saving treatment https://t.co/MskirzTOeH https://t.co/qZSvUuelvn

Male employees want flexible work too https://t.co/K4e6VjX28K https://t.co/HRrcw6gXro

Beautiful start to the day here in #Heswall https://t.co/SUAjWFqb8N

The difference between insolvency, liquidation, bankruptcy and administration https://t.co/Af8U3BrZkg https://t.co/4wSvXWVBfT

Hoylake 10k charity run next weekend https://t.co/XLWAQ2pFBr https://t.co/tPiWdmmRcr

HMRC targets small businesses in tax avoidance crackdown https://t.co/dKSSrFr2X1 https://t.co/j05VSlBy66

Alston Bar & Beef serves up 40 jobs with Manchester launch https://t.co/VmmsYwavcq https://t.co/dTfZsUHjVT

Council buys back Blackpool Airport for £4.25m https://t.co/7Fd3nVJUYt https://t.co/y9QGEcFN7v

Man down! Has Storm Aileen blown one of Crosby's Iron Men off his feet? https://t.co/7GKy1vRvn8 https://t.co/3oKsrzqDgJ

Derelict Toxteth church to be transformed into new flats... but there's a catch https://t.co/Ucx9CByuf3 https://t.co/gk0dtl5wqQ

Super high-speed tunnel train plan moves step closer https://t.co/LtaKJVaSQY https://t.co/3rZaoAsZts

Fitness group expands gym chain in £20m acquisition https://t.co/Nv13kCKzDm https://t.co/6H5duG0SkL

Two fluffy guests in @LairdAssessors offices today 🐾🐾 https://t.co/MV14jH79g6

Britain sees sharp decline in shop openings in 2017 https://t.co/rri3NWC2Du https://t.co/vR5ICYOinr

Millionaire Entrepreneur Timothy Sykes Has Committed to Build 1,000 Schools https://t.co/zMqPNj7Uv0 https://t.co/5aBMUEIP2N

Time to sign up for Liverpool Culture Crawl to help those with cancer https://t.co/JuvxENFmoB https://t.co/ruKDHiSodw

VIDEO: Historic footage shows Hollywood film stars arriving at the Ritz Birkenhead in 1949 https://t.co/FKcRYMJnsl https://t.co/aqP4Dzpzqw

Pound jumps as Bank of England hints at rate rise https://t.co/ymJHyVrqf2 https://t.co/4U0b2SsoST

#Shop + 2 offices, kitchen for #Rent in #Heswall. Free parking outside + staff carpark. Fully serviced inc bills. D… https://t.co/teLetyptpg

Really looking forward to the Festival of Marketing next week https://t.co/zKwsK4mXQF https://t.co/uLOUPbgp8e

John Lewis says Christmas ad must be ‘irresistible’ amid weaker consumer demand https://t.co/LUSSA5ubA1 https://t.co/QlM1vyKfWE

#Business rates hike could lead to “tsunami” of high street closures https://t.co/nzxuPjdTGJ https://t.co/cNFDxFBcOn

Thanks guys; lovely to see you again https://t.co/4JtHXNkAgX

#Wirral chef Simon Rimmer flaunts his skills during Strictly Come Dancing launch https://t.co/gtmPc6D8T5 https://t.co/HQERCPMQcu

Heswall area’s top Airbnb holiday rentals https://t.co/DGjkv3OPQK https://t.co/kVbc0iYL9r

That ‘tricky second year’ has proved instead to be a year of developments at the Hub. Having started 2016 with the news that one of the directors was leaving to start a family, founders Justine McLaughlin and Nik Ellis needed to reorganise themselves pretty quickly. Nik said: “We needed to go big or go home, so we chose going big.”  

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Today we celebrate International Women’s Day...

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Whats going down in the Hub today

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Whitfield Business is due to celebrate it's second birthday

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Read about our visit from Margaret Greenwood, MP for Wirral West

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It’s all over for another year. Click here to find out how the New Brighton Rally race went for our In-House Engineer Adam and his Dad

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